Thank You, Mr. Saunders

The following has been bumped up from the comment section of the blog from Friday evening. It was written by Jeanine Longtin:

August 5, 1929 – July 15, 2012

A former serviceman, fellow citizen, and patriot passed away July 15th, 2012. A memorial service was held for him today at the VA Hospital in Riviera Beach. He is to be buried at 1:00pm on Monday July 30 at the South Florida VA National Cemetery, 6501 South State Road 7, Lake Worth, FL 33449. This will be a military service so should you be able to attend please be on time.

Those that make up the Town of Lake Park owe Mr. Saunders (and his wife Roselyn) a debt of gratitude. Around the year 2000, he was one who was “ringing the bell”, “blowing the whistle” and sounding the alarm in an attempt to alert the people and anyone who would listen to the state of the town’s finances. Those who were elected to represent the people, as well as their appointees, ignored (at the least) Mr. Saunders. Many of the citizens, however, were listening and during the next election – changes were made.

The State of Florida was also listening. They came in and performed an audit. Indeed, they declared that the Town of Lake Park was a hair’s breadth away from bankruptcy (my words).

Thank you, Mr. Saunders, for all you have done for our town and our country. May God bless and keep you.