Big Green Flies

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~

In the middle of July, walking down a dusty road, did you ever notice a smell unmistakable as that of a rotting carcass of a dog or a raccoon, or any small mammal killed by a passing car? Or a death caused by any other reason too early for normal? In the hot July air, the odor is the same as in Ohio, Texas, or California. And it is accompanied by the close company of large green flies. The odor and the buzzing. Something died. And whether or not you can view the carcass, you know something died… and it is repulsive… and you walk faster. And you hold your hand or a handkerchief over your nose. And brief thoughts about the temporary state of life pass through your mind.


Image Attribution: Public Domain Umberto Salvagnin (Wikimedia Creative Commons)

Well folks, a giant swarm of green flies is buzzing over Washington D.C.

It has been dead for some time now. The green flies are huge. And so is the odor. Our democratic republic died within the last three years. It was showing major signs of having passed over the past three years… but we can no longer ignore the buzzing. Or the odor. The media has totally ignored the facts concerning the current regime head. He was adopted by an Indonesian at age ten, and attended school there. And it would have been impossible to do that as a non-citizen of that country. He spent millions of dollars sealing the records of his youth. We know far less about him than either of the latest mass murderers who have lived on the media’s headlines for weeks. But we now know that he attended colleges in this country as a foreign national under full scholarship. And there is no record of his having applied or achieved US citizenship. There is serious doubt that he is a legal citizen. And yet the media smiles and waves him on. With great vigor. And his entire campaign for re-election is based on criticism of his opponent…because he has NO record to stand on.

Media, media, media! Voters, voters, voters! Where is your mind??? Do you like that odor??? Do you like those giant green flies buzzing your picnic plate??? Our dear republic under this regime is dead. Has been dead. Will be deader than now shortly. And the citizens choke on the vast swarms of green flies that they are forced to inhale if and when they try to draw a deep breath to call out a foul. Foul to our Constitution,… foul to the American way of life… foul to Nancy Pelosi (no explanation needed).

Citizens, voters, folks out there… why continue to support this crowd??? In November, we must change law-makers or this Republic will die. It’s that simple. And I’ve never liked keeping company with large green flies. So in November. Let’s all get together And Vote!