Time and its Sidekick, Reality

I am just amazed that this continues to slide…that information is still being swept under the rug and ignored, that everyday individuals are having to do the research and bring us the stories that the powerful nationwide media blatantly ignores, dare I say, hides in what we consider this age of 24/7 information and technology. For all their smarts, people can be pretty clueless. The media knows. They are complicit…they chose to remain mute, whether for financial gain, political expediency or fear. How can anyone turn on the TV and watch, or fire up their computer and read that ridiculous AOL or Yahoo mail news written by media hacks whose sole intent is to distort truth, when they propagate lies and incomplete stories, when they have not and do not care who this person is who has control of  our White House. How can anyone watch the nightly news when they so blatantly misreport, mangle truth and ignore facts to “make the news” and “make candidates” rather than report on what is actually going on out there. We already in just a few short days know Romney’s VP (Paul Ryan’s) every move from high school, yet Obama’s past is never a topic of serious discussion.


We are being governed by an enemy of traditional American values who wants to transform our country into something it was not meant to be. Shoulders shrug and people close the door, turn on their lying TVs, feed themselves another dose of evening entertainment before they fall asleep. They pretend that all is as it has been, hoping it will all just work out, maybe hoping they won’t be called upon to stand up for what they have become so lazy about. They don’t want to know the truth. Maybe you don’t want to know. After all, the frightening outcome of bestowing the honor of leadership upon one with such a flawed view of America has never made it to our door before. Most Americans seem to assume they are now and always will be just fine. Yet our nation’s foolishness has repercussions. Everything’s changing. The astounding reality of what’s coming is catching up with us. We can only ignore it for so long.

You see, time is doing what time always does, it’s marching on, and in its hand it carries the result of our nation’s foolishness. Time has a side-kick, its name is reality. Time and reality are about to serve us the just rewards of 4 years of smiling and nodding at the imposter in our nation’s highest office who has wasted no time “transforming” our country into his vision of a down-sized America. Closing the door and kicking back in your easy chair while you try and ignore the time/reality duo will be futile. Time and reality know no doors, walls or windows and they have no qualms about kicking down the door and kicking the easy chair right out from under you.

The time for rest, 24/7 entertainment and sheer lazy stupidity are over. It’s time for America to stop acting like a bunch of kids on Summer break living it up with no thought to their future. It’s time to put on our work boots and take up the task before us.

The pieces of the puzzle have been put together over the past four years and the validity of the information does not seem to be in question. What seems to be the question is, do you care or have you been so dummed down by the culture in which you live that you shrug your shoulders once again and become the zombie they hope you have become. I don’t know, perhaps that’s what the Zombie Apocalypse that everyone’s always talking about actually is; mindless numbskulls (one of my dad’s favorite words from back in the day) zoned out, like dead men walking with no sense of reality and no reaction to the destruction happening all around them.

Today you can go and vote and show that there remains an engaged and vibrant citizenry out there who knows what’s going on and who are making the most of the privilege.

Please make sure to note which candidates have dropped out of the race. They will likely still be on the ticket. In the republican race, George LeMieux and Deon Long both withdrew but are still on the sample ballot. Also, the judicial races are the hardest to make decisions about because of the lack of information available about the judges, but these are the individuals who set precedent and hold great power over your life. Take the time to get your vote right.

2016 – Obama’s America

Dinesh D’Souza has done extensive research on Barack Obama and has a new movie out called 2016, Obama’s America. Here’s the trailer:

More of What the Media Hasn’t Told You

If you want some more insight into what the media hasn’t told you, here is a little clip about the reality of Barack Obama that only further demonstrates how the media misled America when he was running for office and how they covered for him by not presenting these facts. How much of this did you know at the time? Did you know about the man before you voted for him (if you did), or did you buy into the hype? It’s time to get it right. He’s running again, you know. The audacity.

Don’t be part of that sort of Zombie Apocalypse.


Wise up and know before you vote, not only for president, but in today’s primary as well.