Sunday Morning Adventure

Written by Diane Bernhard

Most days, I swim early in the morning, trying to work out the kinks and get some much-needed exercise. This morning I discovered a whole new world on the pool deck – mulch and other debris was everywhere.

Trying to follow pool rules to “rinse off before entering pool” had me shivering in the wind – so strong as to push the shower water completely away from me and back against the stall so I got only occasional splatters.

I overlooked the roiling water with a mixture of amusement and dismay. I’d never seen such choppy water – and a current – in our pool before. And there was an ominous dark shape lurking there!

Gingerly descending the steps, I entered the very cold water and released the deck chair submerged in the deep end. Then I tried to swim… Wow! Swimming against current took a lot more effort and I began to feel a bit sorry for myself…

Until I noticed the dragonfly buzzing around the pool looking for his breakfast on the water’s surface. How he struggled against the wind and the waves – and probably went hungry.

I felt a lot better as I dried off and prepared to go inside to make myself a nice omelet…


George Tanguay has photographed the advent of another ominous weather event; this one taken today at 2:00 p.m.