Eye Opening Entertainment

It’s double header night at the Lake Park Town Hall on Wednesday night, September 5th. Head on over and you’ll get two meetings for the price of your time; a CRA Board Meeting and a Regular Commission Meeting.

Ever wonder what the heck your money is being spent on in this town? Do you ever question what you see or don’t see going on as you travel the streets of Lake Park? Wonder why they don’t fix this or that, or why they are spending money on the other? Or why this business seems to get away with something you thought was off limits? If you are quizzical about the kind of ideas being floated, or about who’s trying to change town codes and why, or if you’ve ever wondered what you can do about any of it, then first things first.

First you have to have a clue that there are meetings for such things, meetings to which you are invited (yes, they are often long, drawn out meetings where those presiding don’t know how to put a lid on it.) But have no fear, they are usually very intriguing as well.

You don’t think town meetings are quite your style? Well, if it’s entertainment you’re after, you may be surprised by the myriad ways this commission has been known to hold an audience spellbound. Yes, sometimes it’s because it’s like not being able to look away from a train wreck, and sometimes it’s just pure drama. Other times it’s honestly pretty darn funny. I have to admit, you will likely want to spit nails more than a time or two. For the most part, it’s like the soaps, a continuing saga. You really have to get into it, and once you do, you’re hooked. You get to know the characters, see the seeds being planted, the sneaky things being done, the heroic moments and the unfolding plots and the tirades and tantrums. Sometimes you’ll cheer and other times it’ll take all you have in you not to respond verbally to what unfolds. Then there are the unfailing residents who step up to the mic and do our town proud. A lot goes on in a town meeting in Lake Park Florida.

With that said, you are not only invited, but since you own this town, you really ought to get a clue about what is being done by those who were voted to represent you.

Eye Opening

And really, you might like to find out if they are representing you, right? Shouldn’t you know? After all, we’ll be having elections again early next year. A little investment of your time could be eye opening. Do they just talk “nice” or do they vote in a manner that represents YOU?

And did I mention eye opening? That’s right, I did. Well, open eyes are good. Walking around in the dark or in a daze can be hazardous to your health. So open your eyes and come out for a little look into what’s really going on at the heart of Lake Park and how it affects you and the street where you live. You can even have YOUR say.

First up Wednesday night at 6:30 will be the CRA Board Meeting. Click HERE for the full agenda in PDF format at the town’s website.

Here is a screen shot of the items up for discussion:

CRA Board Meeting

Regular Commission Meeting

Up next will be the Town Commission Meeting, immediately following the CRA meeting. Below you will see a synopsis of what’s on tap. This one may prove to be an interesting meeting. Click HERE for the full agenda in PDF format at the Town’s website. As always, you are allowed to have your say at the start of the meeting during public comments about whatever you would like to discuss. You may also speak for three minutes about any of the items on the agenda. You must fill out a pink card and turn it in prior to the start of the discussion of that item. You will have only three minutes for any comment.

With the Monday holiday, Wednesday has snuck up quickly. Hope you can make it! The first meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.