We Remember Because the Enemy is Still on a Mission

It was Islamic terrorists, not an overseas contingency, that attacked America that day.

Our world has changed. The media and the current administration have muddied the memory and the significance of those horrific events, muddled our vision of who the enemy is, of the heart-wrenching attack, and of the grief and emotion we all experienced.

They’ve even changed the message. “Never forget” has been transformed into “go out and perform a day of service”.

The excruciating sight of the towers being decimated, the Pentagon being attacked and the sight of the field in Shanksville, PA, where the passengers of Flight 93 gave their lives (Click link for last year’s story – Oh, Beautiful for Heroes Proved) has been removed from the public eye except for a few moments once a year.

I say remember and keep watch. The enemy is still on a mission to destroy.

They will be satisfied with nothing less than the downfall of America. They thrive on American bloodshed. How can a nation in denial protect itself?

Here is a compilation video of many newscasts from that morning:

Do not forget.