Dishonorable Disclosures

I’d comment on last night’s town meetings, but right now it seems we have a country on the brink. If you only know what you see on your yahoo or aol news, your google or bing hot topics or in the Obama advocating arm of the media (whose every story is a narrative written to persuade you to suspend belief in the truth in order to reelect Barack Obama), you might be chuckling over Obama and the Pirate in the oval office or listening to his spin on Letterman or reading about him partying with his pop culture celebrity friends or dancing with whomever it is he’s dancing with this election season.

Oh, and you might believe that an old youtube movie trailer that looks like it was made by a third grader is responsible for an act of terrorism carried out against our nation, even though it was actually a savage attack by terrorists which resulted in the killing of Americans who were working abroad on our nation’s behalf.

Did it concern you that outrage about this murder of Americans was non-existant in much of the media and that the President himself had only a passing moment to address this act of war on his way out the door to hit the campaign trail and party with Jay-Z and Beyonce?

Does it bother you that there is no public record of the president attending his daily intelligence briefings in the week leading up to the attack?

Have you mustered any indignation that an American has had his free speech rights gutted and has been for all intents and purposes convicted by the president’s labeling of him on Letterman as a “shadowy character” responsible in part for the deaths of Americans while the actual terrorists, through the usual PC dictates are apologized to by this administration?

Have you been lulled into a carefully crafted “new normal” through the spin of a massive, overarching and powerful press?

What they aren’t showing you is the devastating truth, the plundering of our constitutional rights, the grave danger of our national security at the hands of Barack Obama and his ideology, or his admission that he wants to redistribute the wealth in America, to name just a few.

Pretend all you want but it’s time to face facts. I suggest once you have truth that you vote accordingly and prepare for the worst. After all, it has recently come out that democratic lawmakers were found to have participated in vote fraud. See also HERE. If the lawmakers are scamming the vote, just imagine what the rest of the gang is doing, especially the ACORN types and the “get out the vote” activists.

Here are a couple of videos, the first from PJ Media, featuring Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott.

I watched this first video below at where the intro to the video states:…watch to the very end to hear one of the most thoughtfully potent eviscerations of this president I’ve ever heard:

And here we have more on the Dishonorable Disclosures about the current occupant of the White House from the intelligence community. Maybe you will find your inner angst mollified once you are reminded of what it’s like to have adults in the room. But then again, how much peace can you find knowing that the man who holds the title Commander in Chief divulges national secrets and discloses hard won intelligence for his own political benefit.

If this video is too slow to load, you can change the resolution at the bottom right hand side of the video. It’s worth watching all the way through.

Please pass these along. Please pay attention. This election is vital to our freedom and national security.