At the End of the Rainbow

Is Our Marina a Pot of Gold?

Things are looking a bit more hopeful at the Lake Park Marina these days. Our new Town Manager, Dale Sugerman, has welcomed the implementation of a Marina Task Force made up of residents of Lake Park with specific knowledge of boating, helpful insight into Marina issues and a willingness to work to improve our Marina both for the town coffers and those who would use the Marina. The commission has approved the formulation of this team, and the Task Force is now in operation.

This team has held its first meeting and plans are underway to survey parking, which includes a review of parking construction files. The team will also review the interlocal agreement between Lake Park and the County and will review conceptual plans with the Development Department of the town to get a look at how the town code might challenge or change those plans, just for starters.

Thanks today to Brent Headberg for this beautiful image from the Lake Park Harbor Marina. Does this “end of the rainbow” image suggest our Marina has the potential to be a pot of gold for Lake Park? With the new dockage rates (see below) and the help of the new Task Force, the town is working toward those ends. With their insight and input, part of their plan is to pull our Marina out of the fiscal hole it’s been in. The new town administration has shown an encouraging willingness to work to make the Lake Park Marina profitable and boater friendly once again, and that hints at a promising outlook for The Town of Lake Park and its residents.

Image courtesy of Brent Headberg


At a recent town meeting, new rates for the Lake Park Harbor Marina that were brought to the table by the Town Manager, with the help of Finance Director Blake Rane, were agreed upon by the commission and set into place, providing a significant reduction in slip prices in an attempt to attract boaters and make the marina viable once again.


The Marina Task Force will continue to meet to keep watch over and improve the Marina from 3:00 to 5:00 every 4th Thursday in Town Hall chambers, with the next meeting scheduled for October 18th. These meetings are public, so if you are interested, feel free to attend.


Tonight, a CRA Board meeting will be held at Town Hall at 6:30, followed by the regular commission meeting.

Keep up with the latest in Lake Park by attending the meetings in person and having your say, or by watching from home on channel 18.