Have You Been Duped?

I haven’t had time to focus on the Green Agenda and sustainability lately, but I was alerted to this special on Obama’s Green Agenda that aired earlier this month, hosted by Bret Baier. I believe it may be airing again this weekend, but if not, you can view it below.

Know what’s behind the green movement, sustainability and the policies being put into place that are less about the environment than they are about the EPA (as well as others) amassing power. Jobs, personal property rights, your liberties and our energy future are being squelched because of this agenda. Your future is at risk. Be informed. Don’t buy into the “green speak” without knowing what it means.

Know the Obama administration’s part in this before you vote.

“Sustainability is about a lot more than the environment.”

“It’s also about escaping from free enterprise, getting us set with this social justice agenda.”

College campuses are a prime target. A push began in early 2007 with 12 colleges and universities and they now have commitments from 657 of them in all 50 states. Things are moving fast. “The sustainability movement is THE biggest thing on the American college campus.”

The green agenda touches your life every day. It has fast forwarded into the American cultural landscape without a lot of scrutiny by the general population because our schools, TV’s, the internet and every other form of media have been training us that this matters. This is how it is. Know what you are being sold. Don’t be duped. Know what those you elect believe and intend to do about this. Have they supported these policies and the advancement of Agenda 21 in the past and do they plan to forward this agenda in the future? It matters.