Voting Glitches To Be Aware Of

If you have gone online to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website to request an absentee ballot (or plan to soon-and hurry up, there are only 14 days until the election), filled out the form, hit the “submit” button and walked away thinking your ballot would arrive to the address you designated, think again.

YOU MUST CHECK THE ONLINE TRACKER! On the first page that comes up when you click the Absentee Ballot Request Form, once you fill out the form and hit the “submit” button, assuming as one normally would, that your request is actually submitted, you will find it was NOT entered into the system at all. However, you will discover this ONLY if you go to the tracking page and check on it. Once there, you will discover that your request is not on record. You must then resubmit your request from the tracking page for it to activate. How many people never check the tracker (or at least not in time) and never receive their absentee ballot in time to vote?

Check Before It’s Too Late

Time is of the essence. If you submit your request and walk away assuming you will receive it in the mail, by the time you realize it hasn’t arrived and check the tracking page to find out where the heck it is, it may well be too late to redo the process and receive a ballot in time.

A Few Too Many “Glitches”

This “glitch” in the system follows hot on the heels of a screw up in the last election whereby Lake Park’s polling locations were changed after decades of them being in the same places, but not everyone was notified. Those who had previously voted near their homes were now being told to go past their previous location to vote in another area of town. A call was placed to the Supervisor of Elections office and they stated that a new card with this information should have arrived. It had not, not for anyone in the family. The man promised to send a replacement card with the new polling location listed. It never arrived. He also stated he could only send a new card to the caller. Others also experienced a similar “glitch” with notification of the change.

Blame Game

Any wonder why people have real concerns about election hijinks? Now we are stuck with Susan Bucher, the Supervisor of Elections, who was recently re-elected. You can read her bio from her former position in the House of Representatives HERE. Her office is also already scrambling to  provide a workaround for a screw up on the first round of this year’s absentee ballots where approximately 60,000 incorrect Absentee Ballots went out , about 27,000 of which must be copied by hand by a team of people in order to be read by machines. Read the disconcerting article about the debacle and the ballot copying that’s been underway HERE. On the Supervisor of Elections Website, you’ll see that they make sure to lay blame on “the vendor”. No, really, see for yourself:

Vote, Watch, Guard 

If you are having trouble with the voting process, if you see anything odd at your polling location or anything else out of place related to the elections, speak up! Do not let it go unreported. After the last election, the news reports were quick to tout the smooth voting process in Palm Beach County. I’m calling that one, bull…oney!

If something’s not right, call them on it. Get the word out.

Guard your vote, watch the polls, make sure your vote, and that of each member of your family, is counted in the manner in which it is intended!