It’s Time

The incessant polling going on all these past months can only predict what would-be voters intend. They are actually meaningless until YOU go to your polling place personally and make your picks.

Need insight on any of the candidates or the amendments?

You can find a presidential voting guide HERE from the Family Research Council which tells you whether the candidates support or oppose certain issues. They also provide a state by state guide for information regarding issues and candidates. Check out their website HERE and look for the Voter Tools button.

The South Florida 9/12 Project website also has some staff recommendations that come with explanations as to what they have discovered about candidates and amendments.

You can also find the South Florida Tea Party leadership picks for the Presidential election, state candidates as well as Palm Beach County issues HERE.

These are just a few ways of finding out information about candidates and issues before you vote if you still have any questions or concerns.

Go to the polls and vote on Tuesday. It’s time. And please, KNOW before you vote!

However, Don’t Forget to also Watch The Vote

Via an article on The While you’re at your polling location, if you notice any voting irregularities, there is a number you can call…

“The number is 855-444-6100, but you can send photos and video to They will take care of verifying credible reports and following up with the authorities.

True the Vote even has a video with some special instructions and tips, like where it is legal to film and how to ensure your videos get seen.

“All you need is your camera phone and a love of country to make a difference in this election,” they say.”

For more information, check out