A Sustainable Life? Says Who?

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...

Emblem of the United Nations. From the image at http://www.un.org/depts/dhl/maplib/flag.htm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The UN, that’s who.

But sustainable for who, or rather, for what?

Have you ever read or heard something that just clicks? Your eyes are opened, the truth is laid bare and you have to admit that something you thought was near and dear to your heart is a fraud that is about to do you more harm than good?

Welcome to Sustainable Development. Yes, it’s everywhere, it’s being inserted into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G., but now it’s time to get educated as to what it is and what it will mean to you. In this day of information, we don’t have to amble along like mindless dopes lapping up whatever the latest buzz is that’s being fed to us like sheeple. It’s time for intelligent individuals to do their own homework and see what they are buying into. Once you see the truth, maybe you will want to challenge our town staff, commission and mayor to know the facts and avoid the sustainable hype and the ramifications of Agenda 21 upon our lives by knowing what the heck all the latest feel-good talk (sustainable, green, earth friendly) actually means.

Unfortunately most people haven’t a clue of what they are inviting in with the UN’s Sustainable Development efforts (which comes wrapped in many climate caring, and seemingly “responsible” packages) or how well coordinated it is. It’s everywhere and is coming at us from all sides. It’s also all tied together and it’s being continually ushered in by various government organizations as well as through the media. Often, and most recently, “The County” has been a big promoter of this, and they push to implement it at the local level constantly through myriad means, including a new push for all local mayors to sign a Climate Action Pledge as part of a Regional Climate Action Plan. More on that another day. This is merely part of a much larger, all-encompassing plan being worked out on a global scale. It’s fact, and it’s called Agenda 21. It comes to you courtesy of the UN.

Face it. What we don’t know CAN hurt us. It’s one thing to embrace something you believe is a positive; but shouldn’t you know beforehand what lies within such deep waters? And before you jump in shouting “Ya-hoo, I’m saving the earth!”, maybe you should check to see if you’ve jumped in with a millstone tied securely around your neck.

Thankfully, not everyone is falling for this though, and in many areas of the country, citizens are becoming aware of the problems, the dangers, the loss of personal property rights it will bring and they are standing up and successfully eradicating this from their towns and cities. WE CAN TOO!

Agenda 21…

“according to the UN’s own website, is a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, governments and major groups, in every area in which human impacts on the environment.”

In so many words, the United Nations seeks to co-opt, via individual governments, and eventually, a “one-world government,” privately held land under the auspices of ensuring its “sustainability.” Worse still, the UN’s Agenda 21 has even laid out plans for “depopulation” or rather, “population control.” If it sounds like something out of George Orwell’s 1984, that is because Agenda 21′s tenets are eerily in line with the demented alternate reality Orwell himself had imagined while scribing the pages of his famed novel.”

read more at The Blaze.com

If you click “The Blaze” link you will find an article and two short and fascinating videos. I can’t encourage you enough to take the time to check them out, especially those of you who take part in our town government who may happen to read this blog from time to time. You will be enlightened as to what is really behind the Sustainable Development movement to which you yourself have often not only consented, but promoted. Much of what you discuss and vote for has been brought to you by Agenda 21 and you may not even realize it. I urge you to find out and here are some ways you can do so.

The first video in the article to which I’ve linked describes the origins of Sustainable Development and explains the Agenda 21 plan. The second video features Rosa Koire, whom we have mentioned here in the past, along with her book, Behind the Green Mask. Rosa is a liberal democrat who has researched and become “fluent”, so to speak, in what Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 is all about and how it will impact our lives as these plans come together. Individual liberty is a non-partisan issue and she is educating any and all who will listen on the dangers and the ramifications of this UN plan that is coming at us from all sides. It’s everywhere and we will all be affected, but we don’t have to buy in. This is something we can all come together on.

These are short videos and I assure you, this topic applies to you and your life. Maybe your eyes will begin to open. I believe you will learn something. Hopefully you will begin to see how all the things you see and hear are connected and how your personal rights (right here on the street where we live) will be affected if our town, at least, does not wise up and stop this from getting its tentacles wrapped around us and our policies, resolutions, pledges and ordinances.

If for no other reason, consider the money being spent on this, who that money is going to and how your pocket will be affected with the time being spent by our town and county alone, the media and advertising created for it. Think of the trips, summits and conferences (and their expenses) our town officials will be involved in, in order to be herded into this UN global plan. And if they are herded in, so will you and the rest of the town. Stop it now.

Stopping this before it has completely overtaken your city or town will begin with you as an individual. Novel concept.

If you want to keep it that way, I suggest you start paying attention and getting educated, then involved. There is still time for Lake Park. We don’t have to sign on and play along or pay our money into this personal liberty-stifling agenda. We are also about to have another election of town officials in Lake Park. Will those we invite to lead and represent us be among the sheeple fawning over this agenda or will our leaders be wise enough to accurately assess the dangers of these policies and stand against them? That will be up to you and your vote.

Some things are worth standing up to. This is one of those things.