Lake Park Election Candidate – Steve Hockman

Lake Park Commissioner, Steve Hockman

Lake Park Commissioner, Steve Hockman

We’re inching up on election day when residents will vote for candidates interested in serving on the Lake Park Commission. If you are wondering who to vote for, what the candidates stand for and how they will govern, no worries, we can help with that today in regard to Commissioner Steve Hockman.

Steve is running for re-election. As a currently a serving member of the Lake Park Commission, he has proven himself over the years as a friend of the residents of Lake Park and has been diligent in regard to our town, its people and the many issues brought before him.

Steve understands the need for limited government and has been faithful in reading everything that comes before him, taking the time to thoroughly inform himself on the issues rather than just going along to get along. He takes the time to dig deep and ask thoughtful questions to be sure all important matters are addressed before a vote. If you know Steve, you know he will lend a hand and lend his ear to those in town who come to him with their concerns. He is also not afraid to take a stand despite the harassment thrown his way by fellow commissioners and others in town government who don’t take too kindly to their agendas being thwarted or exposed.

Promoting Transparency and Holding The Line on Taxes

We don’t need “yes men” and women on the Lake Park Commission who will follow a “FORWARD” mantra with little thought to the future repercussions. Going along to get along doesn’t serve the needs of the residents, and Steve has the fortitude and common sense to use his time and votes to promote transparency in town government, address common sense solutions, and to help hold the line on our taxes as well as many of the intrusive government plans brought to us courtesy of the those in the town, county, state and federal governments.

Let’s help Lake Park break free from the big government cycle so prevalent today that is encroaching on so many fronts. Steve can help make thoughtful, informed decisions for Lake Park. Please take this opportunity to check out HIS CAMPAIGN WEBSITE which is chock full of information to help you get a handle on who he is, what he stands for and how he hopes to help Lake Park in the days to come.

Find Out More

If you have questions or concerns or just want to get to know more about what Steve intends to do to help Lake Park, please contact him at:

Please also check out Steve’s website at Get to know the candidate who would like to be Your Voice in Lake Park.

Candidate Forum

Don’t forget there will be a candidate forum on February 27th at 6:30, at Lake Park Town Chambers, presented by the Northern Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce. Don’t expect to learn terribly much, if this forum is anything like the one they held before the special election a year and a half ago. That forum was not open to questions from residents. Instead, the Chamber members framed the narrative with questions that seemed skewed to favor those they seemed to support. Perhaps it will be different this time. However, your best bet is to research the candidates yourself and talk to them directly to address your concerns.

Please inform yourself before you vote!