New Day Dawning – Lake Park Candidate Forum Tonight – 6:30

820903_4125628350546_117981208_o~ Image courtesy of George Tanguay ~

A new day is dawning in Lake Park. Election season is in full swing, (as if you hadn’t noticed all the signs.) Tonight, Wednesday, February 27th, you will have the chance to hear from all of the candidates running for the four vacant town commission seats at a forum being facilitated by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.

Unlike days past, you can now only vote for one candidate in Lake Park, despite the fact that there are 4 seats up for grabs. This is due to a Department of Justice lawsuit some years back that hoped to favor certain candidates, but which only served to hinder our voting process.

So please come out and find out what the candidates stand for, what they feel is important and the direction they intend to take our town so you can make your one vote have the most impact for good. The local level is the one place your voice can actually be heard and where you can make a difference.

Let’s make sure we take every opportunity available to us to get informed about what will happen to our town under the direction of a new commission… before we vote. Here’s the link to a short article from the Palm Beach Post that tells a bit about each of the candidates, Steve Hockman, Diane Bernhard, Michael O’Rourke, Kathy Rapoza, Erin Flaherty and Kim Glas-Castro:

Six seek four seats on Lake Park commission 

The meeting tonight will be held in the Town Chambers at Town Hall at 6:30 and will also be broadcast on channel 18.

Get informed, get involved. Vote on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

Please check back for more candidate information as election day draws closer.