An Open Letter From Candidate Diane Bernhard

Diane Bernhard, Candidate for Lake Park Commission

Diane Bernhard, Candidate for Lake Park Commission

This is an open letter to the Citizens of Lake Park:

More than twenty five years ago I became a Licensed Massage Therapist because I wanted to reach out and touch people’s lives and help to make their lives better.

Here I am, all these years later, still reaching out to help. But now, I have more experience and a different skill set to use.

In the many months that I regularly attended Lake Park Commission Meetings in person, I had the opportunity to listen to the people in our community. I heard their stories and understood their frustrations. I stood at the podium to voice my own opinions and lend my voice to theirs.

With persistence, another community activist – Susan Lloyd — and I were able to draw attention to abuses of power in the Lake Park Employee Handbook. We were given the opportunity to form an Ad Hoc committee to highlight the abuses and make suggestions for revising the handbook. The commission took a vote and decided to make the changes.

As a former live-aboard boater, I had experience and anecdotes to back my opinions about irresponsible development of waterfront property and about my disappointment that the marina was not operating in a productive manner. I spoke before the commission several times and was honored to by my appointment to the Marina Task force.

As a regular citizen of Lake Park, I accomplished a lot. I reached out to the commission and they responded. Now I hope to be able to reach out to you, to hear your concerns, and to help you get what you need in the Town of Lake Park.

Please, vote for me on March 12th.

Diane Bernhard