Important Voting Day Information – Don’t let your vote be invalidated!

casting a voteDear Lake Park Residents,

I have spent the past week out walking the town and talking with everyone I could about the upcoming election. I was shocked at how many people believed that they could vote for one person for each seat that is open.

The truth is that YOU ONLY GET TO VOTE FOR ONE PERSON, period, NOT for one person for each open seat.

It was shocking that even some of the poll workers I spoke with did not understand this. It was not explained in their training as poll workers. I only hope that this will be cleared up prior to the opening of the polls tomorrow.

I know that I would be upset if my ballot was marked as invalid because it was not clearly indicated on the ballot that you can only chose one person total.

So, please be sure to SELECT ONLY ONE NAME on the ballot when voting. What name should you choose? Select “Steve P. Hockman” for town commissioner.

I want to say thank you to all who have supported me in the past three years and to all who will support me during the next three years. Also, my thanks go out to all who have taken their time to speak with me during this campaign season.


Steve P. Hockman

Sample ballot 31213

Click here for full size Sample Ballot.