Lake Park Marina Breakwater Grant?


The following is an email sent by Lake Park resident, Brent Headberg, on April 22nd, 2013, to the commissioners of Lake Park, some of the Town Staff and others:


Thank you all for making a difference in our Town.

This is really good news….some of the things that were recommended by the Marina Task Force are starting to happen. I think the removal of this wall (the wall at the new marina parking lot at US1 and Silver Beach Road) will really make the marina more visible, which will eventually bring more presence and revenue to this little unknown gem of the Town of Lake Park.

Also this past week, I had the opportunity to provide some very important design input to the proposed new Break Water that was discussed in the first Commission meeting of the new Commission. I was not aware of this project prior to that Commission meeting’s agenda and when I saw the proposed site plan I was compelled to provide my input as a long time boating enthusiast and my 40+ years of knowledge and experience in civil engineering.

I met with Jamie Hart (Marina Director) and Dale Sugerman (Town Manager), and we walked out onto the fishing pier so I could point out how all the boat wake action affected the entrance to the marina and how the proposed breakwater design wouldn’t do much for the wake and wave action. The proposed design would create a very dangerous navigation issue if the L-shaped breakwater was built per the proposed design.


I provided an alternate site plan (see attached PDF) that would eliminate most of the wake and wave action and keep the existing channel alignment as-is, with a straight-in approach to the marina. The proposed design shown on the agenda packet would force all inbound and outbound vessels to make several sharp turns out and around an L-shaped breakwater that would be very hard for larger vessels to maneuver, especially if there is any significant breeze to contend with. I wouldn’t want to see this proposed plan create another reason why boaters don’t want to use the Lake Park Harbor Marina.

I look forward to any comments there may be from the Town’s Staff and the Town Commission.


Brent Headberg 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End letter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This proposed breakwater project might leave The Street Where You Live’s readers with a few questions, such as:

Where did the idea for the proposed project originate?

Why was the project recommended to the town commission by the “staff”?

Where is Lake Park expecting to find the money for such a project when our town is in financial straits? 

Why did the new town commission vote to pursue grant funding for such a project when they clearly had no understanding of the viability of the project?

Add your own questions. I’m sure there are others. Hopefully the new Lake Park Town Commission will “get their game on” and begin to do some back work (and do their own homework before Town meetings) so they understand BEFORE they vote, instead of merely taking  staff recommendations as a trusted final word. The ramifications of more of the “same ole, same ole” are disconcerting to say the least and may leave our town in a world of hurt beyond that which we have already found ourselves in.

Many thanks to Brent for looking out for Lake Park and continuing to be vigilant, asking the questions and doing the research that the staff and the commission have not done before they considered involving our town in yet another large scale, pricey project.