About The Street

The Street Where You Live is a place to share information about things that affect our homes and lives here in America, beginning first right outside our front, back and side doors…in small town Lake Park. We hope to pass along news you may not have heard, create and implement ideas that will make our surroundings more inviting, give credit where credit is due and above all, offer ways for you to DO SOMETHING. Something that matters.

The Street Where You Live welcomes thoughtful discussion and debate on what is happening right here where we live, but is not intended as a place for mere criticism or venting. We would like to face the truth of what is going on around us, stand for what we believe and take personal responsibility for making our neighborhoods, as well as the whole of Lake Park, a more inviting place both for those of us who call it home, and for businesses as well.

The Street Where You Live enjoys the contributing efforts (including information, investigation, photos and videos) from a number of knowledgable and caring individuals throughout our community who volunteer their time to keep watch over Lake Park. We also welcome information and news submittals from you. If you have an interesting story or news about Lake Park that you would like to share, you may submit it to commonsenselp@yahoo.com for consideration. Submissions will be posted as time and conditions allow, and depending upon their relevancy. We must reserve the right to accept, deny or edit submissions as needed, but we do look forward to hearing from you. Please join us and share your view of The Street Where You Live .