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Marina Concerns

What’s the big deal?

Where to begin?! There is much to be concerned with at the Marina and relating to the property purchased for additional boat trailer parking at the corner of Silver Beach Road and US-1, so let’s get started.

Our town is embroiled in marina controversy and we need everyone to consider the implications and speak out about decisions town leaders are making in this regard. We ask that you please get informed and get involved. It really does matter to all residents.

Why should I care?

“I’m not a boater and I don’t live near the marina. Why should I care what goes on there?”

For starters, because it’s your town, and the marina is among the town’s most valuable assets aside from its citizens. Current policies and actions by some in town hall have already seriously jeopardized this asset and the revenue that it generates. Because of some of the curious and/or questionable decisions made, our town, and you, the taxpayer, are now at risk. It’s about to affect your wallet. Are you beginning to care yet?

Here is just one everyday problem that demonstrates how the marina is being mishandled. These images were sent in by a reader and show the poor design of the existing parking for boat trailers. The bigger boats have to jump the wheel stops to get their trailers out of the way of the driveway. Some hang out even when parked on the grass.

The empty spaces are restricted to 30′ max with a sign posted.  Trailers parked there sometimes hang out in the road so far that it’s a traffic hazard. The Town won’t acknowledge that this road has not been dedicated as a public street (Lake Shore Drive). The legal right-of-way was never changed and still exists and follows the old curved Lake Shore Drive through the new trailer parking lot. This violates the public’s legal access for Lake Shore Drive and how traffic gets to Silver Beach Road and Federal Hwy.

Practically speaking, this also makes something as basic as using the marina for its intended purpose a headache for those who actually bring their business here. That’s about as smart as shooting holes in a boat! Why are the marina, the town and the people’s interests being overlooked when the marina is such an important asset?  Why is the marina constantly mired in problems, and whose interests are being served with all the time, attention and money being spent on this.  Keep asking questions and keep following the money. Money tells many secrets.

This is just one  situation in a scenario that gets more intriguing by the day. Stay tuned…there’s more… much more, and it’s in the stories to come that the tale and its secrets will unravel.

We will continue to post information that will help you become marina savvy and give you plenty of questions to ask to help you make up your own mind. Then we hope you will join us and become involved and get vocal.

Other Marina Concerns

•  Interlocal agreement  

Information from comments on 7/1/11:

An experienced land planner says he questions the legality of stipulating commitments related to road closures and rezoning with the requirement to repay the County if these commitments cannot be completed. To date, there hasn’t even been an application submitted to the Town. An application for rezoning and road closure will require public hearings, and the outcome cannot be predicted. That is why this Agreement is illegal. I still question why the County would grant that much money with commitments that would put the Town in a financial bind.

The term he used was “CONTRACT ZONING”. In affect, this prejudices the commissioners into a position of being forced to approve the needed zoning changes and road closure or give the money back, making the Town financially responsible. This $2.4 million dollars was paid to the private developer who is relying on these zoning changes in order for him to move forward with the Marina Project. He was told that the Town would expedite his application. If the rezoning isnt approved, he doesn’t have to give the money back, it would have to come out of the Towns pocket, and ultimately the tax payers pocket.