Toys for Tots in Lake Park

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots event is being held through December 17th. Let’s help make it a huge success in Lake Park. Please bring a new unwrapped toy to any… Continue reading

A Sustainable Life? Says Who?

The UN, that’s who. But sustainable for who, or rather, for what? Have you ever read or heard something that just clicks? Your eyes are opened, the truth is laid bare and you… Continue reading

What Big Eyes You Have

Click picture to enlarge. All images in this post are courtesy of George Tanguay Contrary to appearances, this is not an abandoned blog. I am currently getting my house in order for company… Continue reading

Grateful For Our Veterans

I hope you’ll take the time and effort today to consider all that has been sacrificed and the hard work done on our behalf by our military veterans to protect our freedom. I… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Marine Corps

To all who’ve served, sacrificed and defended our nation as United States Marines, demonstrating honor, courage and commitment –  Thank you and happy birthday. Semper Fi!

Honoring America’s Veterans

Veterans Day is coming up on Sunday. Here are a few of the Veterans celebrations and other events to be held in our area: From the Town of Lake Park Website: Event Date… Continue reading

It’s Time

The incessant polling going on all these past months can only predict what would-be voters intend. They are actually meaningless until YOU go to your polling place personally and make your picks. Need… Continue reading

Falling on Principle

By Bill Whittle at PJTV

The Art of the Pumpkin

Enjoy the unusual and intriguing art of pumpkin carving from sculptor Ray Villafane at Villafane Studios. Click the gallery at his website for a closer look at images of the many sculptures he and his… Continue reading

Voting Glitches To Be Aware Of

If you have gone online to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website to request an absentee ballot (or plan to soon-and hurry up, there are only 14 days until the election),… Continue reading

An Open Letter to Obama Voters

~ By Matt Barber ~ Oregon Magazine ~ Recently, my wife and I attended an outdoor festival in central Virginia. Although the event was not political, there were people from both the Obama and Romney… Continue reading

Brilliant Flash of Power

It’s been a stormy season, and George took to the waterside once again to capture some of the drama for us. Click any image to open the gallery. Images courtesy of George Tanguay

Morning Calm & an Electrified Evening

Click on an image to view the gallery. Images courtesy of George Tanguay ~

Have You Been Duped?

I haven’t had time to focus on the Green Agenda and sustainability lately, but I was alerted to this special on Obama’s Green Agenda that aired earlier this month, hosted by Bret Baier.… Continue reading

Tonight in Lake Park

~ Image courtesy of George Tanguay ~ It’s time for another Town of Lake Park Commission Meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. Below you will find a synopsis of the agenda. For the full agenda with… Continue reading

Two Paths

Eyes On the Marina

An Osprey keeps tabs on the Lake Park Harbor Marina from  atop a sailboat. Image courtesy of George Tanguay

The Unveiling of a Day

Image courtesy of George Tanguay

Autumn Evidence

Did you know it’s Fall? You might be hard pressed to find any proof of the changing seasons here in South Florida, but there is one way I’ve discovered to know for sure… Continue reading

Night and Day Difference

Enjoy some more incredible shots of the scenery on display from the edge of the Lake Park Harbor Marina as photographed by Lake Park Resident, George Tanguay. Click on the images to enlarge… Continue reading