Missing: The 4th of July

Has anybody seen the fourth of July? You remember, Independence Day? It’s gone missing. I wonder if anyone has caught a glimpse of it, because I haven’t seen a sign of it in… Continue reading

The Lake Park Marina Saga (July 4th weekend edition)

As of July 3rd (which would ordinarily be a great weekend for boating), this $2.4 million dollar piece of property which The Town of Lake Park purchased adjacent to their Marina, sits locked… Continue reading

Cleaning Out the “Lake Park Closet”

I don’t like clutter. It makes me crazy to have disorder in my home or in my head, but digging through all that junk is so chaotic. You have to be willing to… Continue reading

Welcome to The Street, Lake Park.

(Sorry, but this first post got out of hand. Future posts will be shorter!) Have you taken a look out your window and down the block lately? How’s the view from your front… Continue reading