At the End of the Rainbow

Is Our Marina a Pot of Gold? Things are looking a bit more hopeful at the Lake Park Marina these days. Our new Town Manager, Dale Sugerman, has welcomed the implementation of a… Continue reading

Shine on, Harvest Moon

Image courtesy of George Tanguay

Night Lights

Enjoy a nighttime view from the Lake Park Marina looking Southeast toward the Blue Heron Bridge and Singer Island. Click on the image to enlarge it. Image courtesy of George Tanguay

Look to the Sky

Click on an image to view the gallery. Images courtesy of George Tanguay

Without a Fight?

I’m constantly amazed that people have no clue what is happening in our country, that they do not know about the inch by inch transformation that has taken place or about the undoing… Continue reading

Through George’s Lens

There’s a wide world of beauty waiting to be enjoyed here in the Jewel of the Palm Beaches. Enjoy a bit of God’s design through George Tanguay’s lens. Click on an image thumbnail… Continue reading

Allen West & Mark Levin Anyone?

Sorrow and Joy

~ Image courtesy of George Tanguay Memorial Service Today for William Otterson William Otterson, who served on the Lake Park Town Commission from 3/2001 – 4/2004, passed away September 13, 2012. A memorial service… Continue reading

Dishonorable Disclosures

I’d comment on last night’s town meetings, but right now it seems we have a country on the brink. If you only know what you see on your yahoo or aol news, your… Continue reading

How Are We Doin’, America?

Just a couple of thoughts for today… First – Are you better off today than you were four years ago? The following chart comes from If you click on the picture you… Continue reading

Flipside of the Day

Enjoy a look at the Lake Park Marina and the accompanying waterside view by night, thanks to George Tanguay. Click to enlarge image. Image courtesy of George Tanguay Image courtesy of George Tanguay… Continue reading

New Day, New Budget, New Hearing & Commission Meeting

Image courtesy of George Tanguay Coming up this week is another Wednesday lineup of town business. The details of the budget by which we operate and various town projects will be discussed. Come… Continue reading

Sunrise Scenes for a Soggy Morning

George Tanguay sent in these photographs over the course of the past week. Since today started so wet and dreary, I thought you might like a reminder of some scenes a bit different… Continue reading

Florida Judges and the Upcoming Election

Just a reminder that there is more at stake in the upcoming election than just the office of the President. It is important to “know before you vote”. The following came from an… Continue reading

I Will Never Forget

~ Written by Diane Bernhard ~ On that fateful and terrifying day I was in Reno, Nevada, sound asleep. A phone call woke me and I hurried to turn on the TV —… Continue reading

We Remember Because the Enemy is Still on a Mission

It was Islamic terrorists, not an overseas contingency, that attacked America that day. Our world has changed. The media and the current administration have muddied the memory and the significance of those horrific… Continue reading

Larry Eckhardt – The Flag Man

Brushstrokes of God

Many thanks to George Tanguay who took the time and used his photographic talents to capture this amazing sunrise moment so we could all revel once again in the beauty God has created.… Continue reading

Early to Rise

Just in case you missed the advent of morning yesterday, George was up early and caught the beauty of these sweet sunrise scenes at the water’s edge. Enjoy! Image courtesy of George Tanguay… Continue reading

Three Times They Said ‘No” to God