Eye Opening Entertainment

It’s double header night at the Lake Park Town Hall on Wednesday night, September 5th. Head on over and you’ll get two meetings for the price of your time; a CRA Board Meeting… Continue reading

Blue Moon Rising

Enjoy these fabulous photographs taken by our resident talent, George Tanguay and Brent Headberg, respectively. This shot was taken by George as sunlight pierced the heavy clouds over the eastern sky of South… Continue reading

Lake Park Sky and Sea

Happy Friday! Here are a few more sights for you to enjoy that George Tanguay captured while out by the Lake Park Marina: Image courtesy of George Tanguay Image courtesy of George Tanguay… Continue reading

Marina View

Here are a couple of new images of the Lake Park Marina sent in by George Tanguay. Enjoy the view! Images Courtesy of George Tanguay

Down by the Marina

Enjoy this short video sent in yesterday by Brent Headberg; it was shot by the marina as Isaac rolled in earlier this week.

Sunday Morning Adventure

Written by Diane Bernhard Most days, I swim early in the morning, trying to work out the kinks and get some much-needed exercise. This morning I discovered a whole new world on the… Continue reading

More From Isaac

Here are a few more shots from the marina today, sent in by George Tanguay. ~ All images courtesy of George Tanguay

2016 – Obama’s America

If you’re tired of listening to the wind and rain, and you want a reason to get out of the house, head over to the movies and see Obama’s America – 2016  ~ Love Him… Continue reading

Isaac Carries On

Here’s another shot from Brent of conditions at the marina today as Isaac carries on. Image courtesy of Brent Headberg ~~~

Red Sky at Morning – Take Two

Seems George Tanguay and Brent Headberg were of like mind this morning. Here’s George’s perspective of the Red Sky at Morning – looking East over the intracoastal from the water’s edge. Photo courtesy… Continue reading

Red Sky At Morning

Brent Headberg sent in this image from the Lake Park Marina this morning: “Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.” The common phrase “Red sky at morning” is a line from an ancient… Continue reading

Conservative Superheroes

Head over to The Looking Spoon for a fun look at the superheroes of conservatism. Featuring: Ronald Reagan George W. Bush Sean Hannity Rush Limbaugh Glenn Beck Mark Levin Mark Steyn Allen West James… Continue reading

Like Groundhog Day

Well, Tropical Storm Issac is out there and the usual suspects in the world of news and weather have begun their “Groundhog Day”-like storm coverage (the movie “Groundhog Day”, that is), hoping for… Continue reading

Caught on Tape – Project Veritas

Another stellar video by James O’Keefe.

A Good Story

From a story by Joel Runyon at The Blog of Impossible things: “At some point in the conversation, I mentioned to him: “You know Russell, that’s really impressive.” “I guess, I’ve always believed that… Continue reading

First Things First – Public Service 101

The 2012/2013 Lake Park budget is next up on the town’s agenda. This Wednesday the Town of Lake Park will host a Budget Workshop at 6:30 p.m. in town chambers. Here is a… Continue reading

Computer Guidance Offered by the Lake Park Library

What’s in a Handbook?

~ Written by Diane Bernhard ~ Even important issues can lose their edge if discussed and debated over-long. This could happen to the proposed revisions of our Town’s Employee Handbook. You may be… Continue reading

Time and its Sidekick, Reality

I am just amazed that this continues to slide…that information is still being swept under the rug and ignored, that everyday individuals are having to do the research and bring us the stories… Continue reading

Let’s Head in The Right Direction

It’s set to be a busy week this week: PRIMARY ELECTIONS First off, it’s primary election day tomorrow: Tuesday, August 14th, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I hope you will make the… Continue reading