Venus Williams to Partner with New Charter School


Big Green Flies

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~ In the middle of July, walking down a dusty road, did you ever notice a smell unmistakable as that of a rotting carcass of a dog or… Continue reading

Play Fair and Share

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~ A couple weeks ago, the leader of the current regime asserted that no business owner, no successful person accomplished that success on his own… that he used… Continue reading

The Embarrassment Known as Town Government

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~ The embarrassment known as the town government of Lake Park had their meetings this past Wednesday night. They continue (as former town manager Maria Davis wished) to… Continue reading

Runaway Slave – The Movie & Tonight’s Meetings

PS: There is a CRA Board Meeting tonight at 6:30 followed by the regular commission meeting. There are also links to the respective agendas in Monday’s post.

Jim & Sue Lloyd at Rimrock Dude Ranch – Part I of “What I Did on my Summer Vacation”

It’s Summer, and with it comes vacation time. In keeping with that Summer vibe, we thought it might be fun to share a “What I did on my Summer vacation”  feature here on… Continue reading

Gathering at Town Hall

This Wednesday night there will be a town gathering for a CRA Meeting and a Regular Town Commission Meeting. The fun begins at 6:30. Once again I am unable to open the agendas,… Continue reading

Thank You, Mr. Saunders

The following has been bumped up from the comment section of the blog from Friday evening. It was written by Jeanine Longtin: DON SAUNDERS August 5, 1929 – July 15, 2012 A former… Continue reading

A Dockside Event

It’s that time again… ~ Image courtesy of George Tanguay ~ Yeah, it’s hot out there in the Summer sun during the heat of the day, but evenings, bless them, grant us a… Continue reading

A Simple Answer

Written by Jim Lloyd I naturally felt constrained to comment on the overwhelming tragedy that occurred last Friday midnight in an eastern Denver suburban movie theater. But since the leftist anti-gun loonies began… Continue reading

“You Didn’t Build That!”

Click the link or the photo to see the video by Milton Wolf at the Daily Caller. STOP! OBAMATIME!

Another Day, Another Downpour

It’s another dark, sloshy morning in the Southeast of Florida. Have no fear. When the clouds finally scatter and the sun returns to reign over our skies, the grass will be greener and… Continue reading

Beware the Green Halos

Government funds are being unleashed like a mega-millions jackpot on payoff day for costly projects highly promoted as community win/wins. Everybody and their brother is out there trying to find a way to… Continue reading

UPDATED – Commission Meeting Tonight – 7:00 – Proof Positive

I couldn’t open this week’s commission agenda due to its size (hmmm…), so you’ll have to go to the town site and find it under the Town Clerk tab and check out what… Continue reading

Was That 3.8 % On The First $250,000, or…

Written by Jim Lloyd A very intelligent and perceptive reader of this blog sent in an article this morning about one of dozens (hundreds?) of secret bits and pieces of the monstrous health… Continue reading

You Are That Force

An object at rest will stay at rest, until acted upon by an external force. ~ Why not be that force? You can get started right here on the street where you live.… Continue reading

Spotlights in the Sky

The Lake Park Harbor Marina is a prime vista for capturing scenic moments and dramatic weather events, especially if you are George Tanguay. A few weeks ago the evening skies were playing host,… Continue reading

The Cold Hard Floor of Reality

When you look at California, where some towns are going bankrupt and others are being threatened with their very existence due to mismanagement and having already spent what didn’t exist, or in Pennsylvania… Continue reading

Special Call Budget Workshop Tonight

. Tonight at 6:30 there will be a special call meeting to present the preliminary budget for next year. Please read the letter from our new town manager, Dale Sugerman, that precedes the preliminary… Continue reading

I Like Mike

~ Written by Jim Lloyd ~ I have followed Mike Rowe for many years in his various exploits in the social/entertainment media including the popular Dirty Jobs show. Recently, this blog included a… Continue reading