Mike Rowe on America and Our Relationship to WORK

Here’s a little something that’s been on my mind for the past year but I’ve never gotten around to discussing. Mike Rowe sets the stage for us here with his thoughts on America… Continue reading

Bill Whittle and “The Glorious Fourth”

~ Here’s an encouraging reminder, by Bill Whittle, of America’s strength and tenacity when we think all is nearly lost. ~ I hope you had a glorious fourth and are ready to carry… Continue reading

Let’s Read Them, Shall We?

Happy Independence Day! What better way to celebrate the important milestone of our nation’s 236th birthday than by reading who we are meant to be as a nation, based on our founding documents.… Continue reading

The Shadow of the Flag

~ Written by Liz Detter ~ Updated from 2009 ~ I could take no more, and I nearly collapsed on the front porch step. I had a ways to go before I finished… Continue reading

Time Flies When You’re Up Against Big Government

Anybody know what today is? If you guessed that it’s The Street Where You Live‘s First Blogiversary, then… Ding, ding, ding! Give that man (or woman) a prize! Yes, one year ago today… Continue reading

White Fly Friday & A Sunset Celebration

You may have heard about Lake Park’s white fly problem, which has been mentioned during numerous town meetings. You may have also heard it has been a problem at Kelsey Park as far as the… Continue reading

Done Deal

The commission came together last night for a short meeting to vote upon the salary for Mr. Dale Sugerman, the town’s newly appointed Town Manager. A vote was taken and the town agreed… Continue reading

Emergency Town Meeting

~ Tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 7:00 ~ Please see THE AGENDA HERE, which includes the draft employment agreement. The final employment agreement will be delivered to the commission members prior to the emergency commission… Continue reading

What’s Up For Kids?

Now that Summer is here, the Lake Park Library has geared up and planned some Summer Programs for the kids and teens of our town. Here is a bit of what’s on tap… Continue reading

Soggy Sunday

~ Image courtesy of Liz Detter ~ It may be a soggy Sunday, but the flowers seem just fine with that. They are making the most of the raindrops. Hope you have a… Continue reading

Under New Management

In a 4-1 vote last night, the Lake Park Town Commission voted to hire Mr. Dale Sugerman as Lake Park’s new Town Manager. Congratulations Mr. Sugerman! Mr. Clarence Hulse was voted in as… Continue reading

New Beginnings ~ Questions & Answers from the TM Candidates

~ Image Courtesy of George Tanguay ~ Editor’s Note: There is an important meeting tonight – Discussion and possible action on the selection of the new Town Manager will be held. Come and have… Continue reading

Keeping Watch Over Our Town

~ Lake Park Harbor Marina ~ Image courtesy of George Tanguay ~ We have another double meeting coming up this week, which means that Wednesday, June 20th at 6:30, the CRA Board will meet followed… Continue reading

God’s Silent Fireworks

~ Image courtesy of Liz Detter ~ Have you all noticed the Western and Southern skies in the evenings the past few nights? Have you seen the silent lightning shows on display? For… Continue reading

Town Manager Candidate Interviews & Reception and Today is Flag Day

If you’ve been paying attention, you will most certainly have noticed a difference in Lake Park since Maria Davis resigned as Town Manager and Jamie Titcomb took over as Interim Town Manager. We’ve all… Continue reading

Up Close and Personal

Here’s an article, from POLITICO, no less admitting to the data collection the Obama administration is performing to target your vote in the upcoming election. You can read the whole piece linked to… Continue reading

What’s on the Horizon?

Image courtesy of George Tanguay The outlook for Lake Park depends upon us. We can sit back and watch and just hope that all goes well in the days ahead (big mistake), or… Continue reading

Never Underestimate

Found this on the wall of a local establishment. Good advice. Hope you’ll keep it in mind and prepare yourself with knowledge and understanding so you do not become victim to the large… Continue reading

Too Much of a Good Thing

~ Written by Diane Bernhard ~ As the Standard Bearer for my Girl Scout Troop — oh so many years ago — I learned that there were several things that had to be… Continue reading

Lake Park Railroad Crossing Closed

Today is supposed to be the last day that the railroad tracks are closed at the intersection of Park Avenue and Old Dixie. If you are in a hurry, I suggest you plan… Continue reading