Town Leadership

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Town Leadership

The process of hiring a new town manager is complete. We have a new leader sitting in the office of Town Manager. His name is Dale Sugerman and we look forward to discovering his leadership style and the direction he plans to take the Town of Lake Park.

The town organizational chart reminds us that the residents of Lake Park are responsible for the commissioners we elect and the direction they take. We hire them with our votes and we fire them with our votes. They choose the Town Manager. It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY as residents of this town to stay engaged and keep the commission and the Town Manager apprised of our thoughts and concerns as well as the ideas we would like them to implement for ourselves and our town. It is our job to hold them to the standard we set.

The Town Manager and the Commission should be running the town as directed by the residents. Town leadership begins with us. What kind of a leader are you?

“Be that force!”

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